The present scenario is based on digital gadgets and the Internet, and this will also lead to a new type of security mechanism called cyber security. The meaning of cyber is a word that is used with the things, places, and persons using the computer, mobile, laptop, or any handheld digital gadget with the Internet. To secure private data or sensitive information, to stop unauthorized access, loss, or theft of data; digital security is required, this digital security mechanism is called Cyber Security. 

Why Cyber Security?

The synonyms of Cyber security are information technology security or electronic information security. The common fields that come under the umbrella of cyber security include Network security ensures protection against intrusion and unwanted usage. Application security offers protection against threats, authentic violations, and compromised software. 

Information security is nothing but the hiding of sensitive information from unwanted or unauthorized users. It also maintains privacy and secrecy at the storage and transaction levels.  Operational security ensures only authorized users can perform approved actions on software or network.

Malware, Trojans, Spyware, SQL-Injection, Man-in-the-Middle attacks, phishing, and DoS are the factors that affect security. The person who ensures security against cyber threats is called a cyber security specialist. With constant vulnerability scans, network data monitoring, and ensuring hardware and software applications are updated, Cyber Security Specialists are responsible for detecting vulnerabilities and dangers in networks, software systems, and data centers.


  • To ensure data security in storage and transaction level
  • Detect possible attack types
  • Protect against probable attack
  • Ensure authorized access only
  • Ensure network and resource service availability


  • Conduct frequent audits to identify security infractions and inefficiencies.
  • Upgrade network and infrastructure systems 
  • Install and maintain security measures.
  • Identifying and resolving prospective and existing security issues
  • Analyze the existing environment, look for the best patterns, and then plan forward for security needs.
  • Prepare your performance reports and then communicate system status to keep users informed.


Information risk auditors, firewalls, security analysts, intrusion detection specialists, computer security incident responders, cryptologists, and vulnerability assessors are among the most in-demand cyber security careers in India today. But due to a lack of skill sets; many of them are still vacant. Cyber Security Analyst salaries in India range from 3.0 lakhs to 10.0 lakhs for those with less than a year of experience to 6 years of experience, with an average yearly pay of 5.0 lakhs.


To become a Cyber Security specialist, you need to be a B. Tech or B.E. graduate in the branch of Computer Science or Cyber Security. However, you must be skilled enough in Networking concepts and System Administration, Data Security, Coding, Cyber Law, Security Incident Handling & Response, etc. So, if you are also looking for the Institute offering Cyber Security as a course, than visit the best Engineering College in Bhopal – SISTec.

Yes, Sagar Group of Institutions – SISTec is the place you can get the chance to get best Hands-on training and Knowledge to become the best Cyber Security Specialist. The Department focuses on the digital electronics domain with added courses in computer architecture, processor design, operating systems, high-performance computing, parallel processing, computer networks, and embedded systems.

Written By:
Dr. Ghanshyam Prasad Dubey
Associate Professor (CSE)
System & Network Administrator

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