There’s nothing quite like working for a fantastic boss. Employees who believe their supervisors are managing them properly and fairly are more engaged, productive, and generally happier. Employees who believe their boss isn’t doing a good job managing them are less likely to perform well and are more likely to leave their current firm. Hence leadership plays a very integral role in making the employees of an organization satisfied and motivated. So, what distinguishes a good manager from a great manager, and can you simply train yourself to be a better manager?

Few traits differentiate great managers from good ones:

  • Learning more about the people who work for them.¬†Great managers understand that, to effectively manage people they must first spend time getting to know their employees as individuals. With it, learning their strengths and limitations, and determining what management style each individual requires.
  • Creating a good atmosphere for employees

Giving your team a good atmosphere to work in, can change the entire game. It has the potential to improve morale, expertise, efficiency, initiative, learning and creativity. It can also result in more engaged employees, better day-to-day results, a sense of ownership, better results, and, eventually, more profitability.

  • Maintaining communication.

Any group’s success hinges on its ability to communicate effectively. Employees want to feel like they have a say in their jobs and work environments. It’s critical that every employee feels comfortable speaking openly and honestly with management. Great managers go to great lengths to ensure that their employees feel free to express their thoughts and concerns.

  • Giving credit for their work

Employees want to feel valued by their employer. After all, there’s no real motivation to go above and beyond if no one notices and it doesn’t appear to make a difference. Great managers make a point of recognizing and thanking their people, both individually and collectively.

  • Rendering support to the team

Employees always look for support from their boss. Employees who don’t believe their boss would support them have little motive to speak up or be creative, and will instead stick to the regular processes. Great managers have their employees’ trust and they support their team in all situations. They act as a shield for their team.

You must apply these traits to your actions and relationships if you want to be successful at managing others. Always keep in mind that successful management is about realizing rather than transforming. It’s all about modifying your environment regularly so that each employee’s unique contribution needs, and style can be fully realized. Your ability to accomplish this will determine your success as a manager.

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Written By:

Prof. Alisha Hashmi, Asst. Professor (HR & OB)
School of Management Studies (SISTec MBA)

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