As we all know, the next big revolt in the domain of roadways is going to be Electric vehicles. The electric vehicle market is growing globally for the last few years, and it is likely to hit the automobile market with big numbers.

After the pandemic, the need is to revive the economy and one of the ways to do so is by providing recovery packages by the government. In India also the recovery packages focus primarily on Electric vehicles. But still, India lags markets of China, the United States & Europe, as only 2 lakh units were sold in India till 2019.

Nevertheless, Electric vehicles are of great interest in India, as we can see electrification on different highways in the future for road transport, as said by Union minister of road transport and highways, Shri. Nitin Gadkari. This is the effect of green policy for the industries, which is even supporting the economy by reducing dependency on crude oil imports. Last but not least this step can reduce air pollution and causes less impact on climate change. As we know, it’s a global phenomenon therefore, it’s important to take measures to reduce carbon emission and make the automobile sectors green.

Policies for Electric Vehicle in India

In India also the governments are adopting many policies related to electric vehicles which are very encouraging. Today, the government is providing incentives for the deployment of electric buses & charging stations. Telangana will exempt the first 2 Lakh two-wheeler electric vehicles from road tax and registration fees. There are other states also that are offering subsidies for students to buy electric vehicles. Whereas, rickshaw drivers are offered to buy 3-wheeler electric vehicles for self-employment. Almost 97% of all-electric vehicles sold were 2-wheelers in India, pointing towards a good market in this segment. This vision seems promising, but it needs more streamlining and management between policies from central & state governments and local city governments.

To embrace Electric Vehicles, India plays an important value chain participant, where only the government can’t depend solely on subsidies. We also need the attention of private investments in the country. There are some positive signs of foreign investments, Tesla Inc. (electric vehicle manufacturer) declared the starting of a factory in Karnataka, along with associate investors, are expecting to invest in EV start-ups in the country.

Plans Deployed for Electric Vehicle

India must prepare suitable policies, agendas & incentives to become an important Electric Vehicle investment place. It has started doing so by launching a program known as F.A.M.E (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles). This scheme was initiated in 2015, with the purpose to promote EV adoption and providing incentives to manufacturers to build EV’s in the country.

The government of India will be working towards refining regulations associated with sectors like battery collection, transport, storage, battery handling & battery disposal so that it can achieve its goal in the Electric Vehicles revolution. As of now, it is clear that EV’s are ready to transform road transport globally and India can become a giant market for the manufacturing of EV’s.

Written By: Mr. Aamir Nasir
Assistant Professor
SISTec Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

SISTec, being a technical organisation, the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department is gearing up by training the students on the subject matter and imparting hands-on and practical skills like working on retrofitting an old petrol vehicle and transforming it into an EV. These activities will help in making the student industry ready while, improving their chances for working as a professional in the coming EV sector.

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