Electrical & Electronics engineering is one of the old and the best course in the field of engineering. This branch is a combination of two branches of engineering i.e., Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Both the branches are of the largest and fastest-growing sectors of the present industry. Electrical Engineering as a career and field of study has a high scope in India even beyond what is examined. 

What is the course all about?

Electrical & Electronics Engineering drives every other individual since the application of electricity is the basic power behind all forms of the industry be it small or large scale industry. The field continued to grow as time passed. Electrical engineering mainly deals with the generation of electricity, the transmission as well as the distribution to the consumers. It combines both electricity and electronics, although, you can even have a degree major in electrical and electronics combined. The degree can be done with B.Tech or B.E in electrical engineering. You will need the IIT JEE exam passed after your 10 +2 to proceed to any college or university of your choice.

The course is ideal for which kind of students:

 If you have a passion for electrical installations and electricity itself without any phobia of shock or the sight of electricity then you can get yourself a qualification to be an electrical engineer from the Top Engineering Colleges in India. However, if you get your passion for electrical engineering coupled then it would be great to pursue your career in the field of electrical engineering. Working with electricity and related materials demands a lot of care and you need to follow every safety principle layout as a practice standard. You equally need teamwork ability as most field jobs in electrical engineering are in groups of engineers working together to achieve a common goal.

What Career opportunity one can have after completing this program?

 The career path in this program is quite interesting just like that you see in electronics engineering since both the courses are interrelated. You can have a wide range of places to work like an electrical engineer, an electrical designer, work in the electricity boards, as well as in both private and government circles. The field is huge and will continue to expand as more and more gadgets are manufactured in tons yearly. All companies have electrical, electronics and IT units were for sure, an electrical engineer would be needed. You can even have the changes to improve your employability if you continue this program with M.Tech in Electrical Engineering.

Salary scale in India for freshers and Experienced Individuals:

 The salary scale for an electrical engineer is comparable with other engineering fields in India. The average salary of a fresher who graduated in electrical engineering is RS.309, 145 per annum; while more experienced candidates with this program have around Rs. 610,629 per annum. With a lot more experience and years of service in a company, you stand to earn more in the top companies in India.

Top 10 Companies hiring after the course:

 There are diverse places to find employment, be it private or public sector, several companies hire electrical engineers like:

1) ABB

2) Bharat Heavy electricals Ltd (BHEL)

3) Adani Power 





8) Robert and Bosch

9) Wipro Lighting

10) Siemens Ltd

11) Center for Electrics Design and technology

12) Crompton Greaves Ltd

13) Reliance Power Ltd

14) GE Power India Ltd.

Higher studies in Electrical Engineering:

Students can even go with M.TECH in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. For this, you can have GATE Exam (Graduation Aptitude Test) qualified in Engineering. They can also go for an MS degree abroad through GRE/TOFEL exam. There are 3 fields which are mostly opted by the students for M.Tech-

 1. Power Systems Engineering

2. Instrumentation & Control system.

3. Power Electronics and drives

Sagar Institute of Science & Technology, SISTec-GN, Bhopal is one of the most prominent names in Engineering Education in India, having several rankings and recognition. At SISTec-GN Bhopal, we offer various UG and PG Engineering Courses in affiliation with RGPV, Bhopal.

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering is actively working with many industries to make our students future-ready. The Department offers a bachelor’s program in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and focused on research areas like Hybrid Electric Vehicles, VLSI, Power Electronics & Drives, Power system engineering, Electrical machines, Control system etc.

Written By:

Prof. Pratima Gangwar
Assistant Professor
Electronical & Electronics Engineering

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