Home is the place where you can have all the luxury and comfort that you want. However, if we talk about privacy most of us do not get this, as we are living in a family where considering other members’ comfort is also important. We need to look into their schedule and convenience also. But there are times when you need some privacy to focus on your studies, to focus on the work you are trying to do. As you have started your Graduation with Engineering, it is more important that you should get someplace where, privacy, comfortable living and facilities are easily available.

Well, other than your home, Hostel is the only place where you get your privacy and home-like facilities. Sounds interesting, Right? If you are also looking for Hostel with a homely atmosphere, food with utmost hygiene, 24 hours Wi-Fi and complete privacy then Sagar Group of Institutions – SISTec hostel is the best place for you.

Facilities at SISTec Hostel:

1. Well Equipped Rooms: Messy Room with no almirah or cupboard looks really uncomfortable for one to live in. However, in SISTec hostels you will have a well-equipped room with proper lighting, a bed and a study table that makes it quite comfortable for one to live and spend his/her 4 years of graduation.

2. Round the Clock Security: Most of us have heard about robberies, and privacy issues in hostels, and security is one of those reasons for such happenings. But in SISTec Hostels you will get 24 hours of security, where you can have complete safety for yourself as well as your belongings.

3. 24 Hours Water & Electricity Supply: Imagine yourself standing near the tap of Local Street for water, electricity cut-off while having a sound sleep at night, seems annoying Right. But this couldn’t be a problem at SISTec Hostels as you are provided with the facility of 24 hours water and electricity supply, which itself is a pleasure for one to live in.

4. Good Quality Hygienic Food: For a better start, having a tasting food with proper hygiene is important and if you are getting both things at one place, then why go for any other place. Yes, at SISTec hostels you will get the best quality food with proper hygiene.

5. Evening Library: Most of us need complete silence while studying, however, because of the classes and other work we do not get enough time to study in the daytime. Therefore, to help you get the best time and place to study, SISTec provides you with an evening library, where you can have enough time and silence for studying.

6. Access to Indoor and Outdoor Sports Facilities: Isn’t this interesting? Getting indoor and outdoor sports facilities in one place. Yes, SISTec offers its students access to indoor and outdoor sports facilities which they get to take advantage of in the evening time with friends.

So, without a doubt, we can say that Sagar Group of Institutions – SISTec Hostels offers its students with extensive facilities, where students can have the luxury of enjoying the serene green campus round the clock in the finer suburbs of Bhopal. With a well-equipped library, labs, Wi-Fi, Canteen, Mess and Hostel facilities, one can enjoy the homely atmosphere at SISTec.

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