Engineering has turned imagination and fantasy into reality. Engineering is all about innovation. Engineers design and fabricate machines that manufacture various products which we are used from morning to evening. All appliances & gadgets at our homes are designed by Engineers.

Electronics & Communication Engineering is one of the fastest and emerging fields of Engineering. This branch helps us to see, hear and communicate over long distances, does things faster and improves productivity in industries.

Electronics and Communication Engineering mainly deals with subjects like Electronic Devices & Circuits, Digital Systems, Network Analysis, Control Systems, Communication Systems, Microprocessors, and more. It also deals with Analog & Digital Transmission and Reception of Data, Voice and Video.

Importance of Electronics & Communication Engineering in real life

Can we imagine our life without Mobile Phones, Computers, Televisions, Radios, Internet, ATM cards, Wi-Fi, Digital Banking, Microwave Owen and many more Electronics gadgets & Communication devices? We surely cannot, however, this is possible because of only Electronics & Communication Engineering, which has tremendously improving the quality of life of common man.

The main aim of Electronics and Communication Engineers is to produce devices which are smaller, smarter, fastest and multi-functional.

A few years back, we were quite satisfied with the 1 GB internet data per month at a 2G speed on our mobile phones. But, now the scenario has totally changed, even the 2 GB data at a 4G speed per day is also seems to be less because of our long browsing sessions over phones. 2022 is projected as a revolutions year in terms of Electronics and Communication Engineers as the 5G generation is going to launch in all over the country.

On the other hand, advance fields like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning has taken the world of communication to the next level where you can interact with the device and they respond your way. 

Role of Electronics & Communication Engineering

There is an ample growth in the area of Electronics & Communication Engineering, because of the many initiatives taken by the State & Central Government through various schemes like “Start-up India”, “Smart India Hackathon” and many more for funding young Engineers looking for Entrepreneurship in the digital world.

Electronics & Communication Engineering also played a vital role even in the COVID-19 Pandemic because of the use of various Electronics products like Robots, Drone which minimizes human intervention, carries test kits and medical supplies. Further, drones are used in many countries for sanitization in public spaces and on epidemic prevention vehicles commuting to the infected areas.

Video conferencing & Mobile Communication have been the lifeblood of companies and educational institutions. With offices & educational institutes closed and travel being restricted, cloud meetings & online classes have kept companies & institutes from falling apart and have helped them minimize the business impact & education loss. Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering – SISTec Ratibad focuses on the latest trends and technology training so that our budding engineers can prove themselves outside in the corporate world.

Sagar Group of Institutions – SISTec offers perfect blend of research, practices, theories and standards for the overall academic development, enable students to solve real-life problems of the industry.

Written By
Mr. Harvinder Singh Saluja
HoD – Electronics & Communication Engineering
SISTec Ratibad

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