Earlier it was a dream that the Internet of Things Home Automation is slowly but regularly becoming a part of daily lives around the world. This should not be amazing when we consider the convenience and ease that smart home devices offer. Since these IoT devices are interconnected, it becomes easier to manage multiple operations. Nowadays, there is a vast variety of devices powered by IoT. These include security systems, thermostats, refrigerators, and even the water sprinkle system in the garden. With the passage of time, definitely more devices will be added with smarter features. In fact, IoT-based Home Devices are also helpful in reducing costs and energy.

Before we proceed further, let’s pay attention to IoT. “Internet of Things” is an umbrella expression used for the technologies that enable the connection of a device to the internet. Basically, these systems are majorly dependent on the collection of data. The data can be used for controlling, monitoring, and transferring information to other devices via the internet. It enables specific actions to be automatically activated whenever certain situations arise.

Nowadays, most smart IoT home automation devices allow you to control them via an app or even via voice commands. The smart home will know when to take certain actions and automatically take them. 

Here are some possible uses of Internet of Things in Home Automation:


Nowadays, smart lighting is all the rage. Smart lighting can be programmed to turn on/off and change its intensity. Consider an example; the lights can respond to your home cinema. Smart lights can dim or turn off whenever you start watching a movie. Further, they may even react to the type of movie. Consider the example, smart lights can turn off completely if they sense that you are watching a horror movie, giving you the proper atmosphere.


These days, doors can also become smarter. Imagine that the doors open only when you enter or exit. This is possible via a smart device or facial recognition. For example, the lights can turn on as soon as you enter through the door. Alternatively, they can turn off if you are leaving.


Windows can become smarter as well. Imagine them automatically opening the shutters when the sun rises and closing at sunset. It is possible to program them, automatically close when it rains. Window curtains can lower whenever you are watching a movie.


The thermostat automatically recognizes if you are nearing your home. Whenever you are near, it will check the room and external temperature and set the right one for you. It may recognize when you are taking certain actions and adjust accordingly such as when you are showering or exercising.


Even your gardens can become smarter with IoT. It is possible to place the IoT sensors in the garden. If the sensors can be detecting dryness in the soil, they can trigger the irrigation system. IoT enables robotic lawnmowers can be automatically deployed if the grass exceeds a certain height.

 Home routines

It is possible for much of the home to be connected with smart devices. There are smart sockets that automatically turn on or off devices. Consider the morning routine; before you wake up, the coffee maker will start getting your morning cup ready. For your shower, the bathroom will get the water heated. The stereo will start playing some morning tunes as you have your morning cup. Your Television set will also turn on and show you your preferred news channel. As might be expected, the thermostat will adjust to a comfortable temperature.

There are a few barriers to the widespread adoption of IoT-enabled smart homes, the primary of which is cost. Then there are also the current technological limitations that create difficulties in a seamless connection between multiple IoT devices.

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