Are you currently searching an Engineering College for Admission?

Whichever College Campus you visit for admission enquiry please ask some basic practical questions with the Department / College Head, mentioned below.

It will surely help you a lot in taking the correct decision for your Future.

1. For how many periods or weekly hours the college conducts the Labs?

It is essential to know this because there is a huge difference between the time set as per University Syllabus and time required as per Industry Standards.

2. What is the Student : Faculty Ratio of the Engineering College?

Are they following the Government Norms? Why this particular question? Because Lab Infrastructure is a criteria for deciding if the institute is good or bad as per AICTE Norms. If you are satisfied with the above question ask them about the algorithm of lab duration?

3. Does the college provide any kind of trainings or workshops in order to match the industry requirements?

Also ask that if it is included in the college fee or if the student has to pay extra for it?

4. How do they prepare the students for Placements and what is the working model for it?

Is there any provision for Paid Internships? How are they targeting big MNC’s? Ask them about their approach and what is the output for previous years?

5. Any faculty that has joined them in teaching, is he/she from industry?

Does the faculty have any corporate experience?

Why this? : A person who comes from the industry knows practical things very well rather than a person who knows only teaching what books already do. A student needs Practical Approach towards life rather than a Bookish Approach.

6. Lastly you should ask how are they gonna assure you about whatever they are saying is true or not?

Do they have any strong management system which ensures that this whole model is followed? To quote an example: “Policies are made by government also but are they really implementing those policies successfully?”

After asking all these questions you will have a basic understanding about the college and you will be easily able to compare the colleges on the basis of merit. One of the most important thing while considering college is that Low Fees is not the correct parameter to select any of the engineering college. College selection is not the matter of just 4 Years of a degree it is a matter of next 40-50 years of your future. The choice is all yours.

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