Computers that learn with the help of data and make use of algorithms in order to execute tasks without being explicitly programmed are known as Machine learning. Deep learning is predicated on an advanced set of algorithms that are modelled after the human brain. This permits unstructured data, like documents, photos, and text, to be processed. Machine learning may be a subset of AI, while deep learning may be a specialized subset of machine learning. 

Use of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Over the years, the employment of Machine Learning approaches like Deep Neural Network (DNN) models have also become more and more appealing within the medical services framework that is given the rising intricacy of the treatment information. Deep Learning (DL) and Machine Learning strategies are displayed as promising techniques in design acknowledgement within the medical services frameworks. The target is first to provide broad knowledge into the use of deep learning models and Machine Learning methodologies in treatment arrangements.

The innovative period of medical services generally relies upon the use of AI, for instance, deep learning and knowledge science, which are the advances within the field. The utilization of brilliant gadgets like IoT, edge gadgets, drones, robots, webcams, and smart clinical hardware is effective within the circumstance of the pandemic.

 The Computer-based intelligence innovation is getting advanced in different areas like clinics, care offices and specialist workplaces around the world – and medical aid suppliers and patients are as of now receiving the rewards. Due to these useful assets, suppliers are seeing smoothed out processes and decreased expenses, and patients are becoming more customized considerations.

In this technological era, not only companies but developers are also talking about embracing AI (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL).

AI is an umbrella discipline that covers everything associated with making machines Smarter. Machine Learning (ML) is also used with AI but it is considered a subset of AI. AI, ML and Deep Learning Techniques go hand in hand for improving patients’ conditions and for diagnosis of disease in Health care.

Considering the ongoing demand for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in every field, Sagar Group of Institutions – SISTec has introduced a specialized B-Tech course for its students in Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. 

B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is an undergraduate engineering degree program of four years. After the completion of their undergraduate, students can pursue their careers in different profiles and in different sectors as Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Intelligence Analyst, Information Security Analysts, Risk Analyst, etc.

Written by

Dr. Komal Tahiliani

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science certain important topics will be covered such as Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, Deep Learning, Introduction to Data Science, Data Visualization, Natural Language Processing etc.

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