An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs), also known as Drone technology is used for different types of applications in the field of civil engineering. For ease in communication between construction participants, improving site safety, using topographic measurements of large areas, with using principles of aerial photogrammetric, drones prove to give the best result.

Benefits of Drone Technology:

Many benefits can be extracted using this latest technology such as creating real-time aerial images from the building objects, overviews revealing assets and challenges, as well as the broad lay of the land, operators can share the image with personnel on-site. You can even use this in headquarters along with sub-contractors, planners can easily meet virtually to discuss their project timing as well as equipment needs and challenges presented by the terrain.

A drone survey captures the aerial data by using downward-facing sensors. During a survey, the sensors, or cameras, photograph the land several times from multiple angles. Each image is then tagged with coordinates. In a flight, manned aircraft, or with the satellite imagery, it would take place at a very higher altitude which may result in slower data retention. These options are more expensive and dependent on atmospheric conditions such as clear skies. 

Traditional v/s Present Survey:

Compared to traditional topographic surveying, which is a slow and labour-intensive process, the drone is incredibly beneficial. Traditional topographic surveying required manual collection of multiple GPS points which, depending on the size of the area, could easily include several hundred points. The drone expedites this process.

The drone enables massive improvements in several ways to complete construction projects within a given time and cost calculated. In future, there will be AI software powered drones. The AI will omit the unstructured data captured and will ensure the actionable and structured data, which will give an end to the errors. With the amalgamation and the use of cutting-edge technologies (like IoT AI, AR/VR, robot, and sensors) we can easily lower the cost and can improve safety with maximizing performance.

SISTec, being a Technical Institute, the Department of Civil Engineering is committed to imparting quality education and training in the Engineering field. It even aims to achieve excellence by developing of knowledge resources and producing highly competent Civil graduates in various fields of Civil Engineering to meet local, industrial and national economic and social needs.

Written By:

Mr. Neeraj Bhandari

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil Engineering

Sagar Institute of Science & Technology — (SISTec) is a very renowned institute in central India that also provides to have abundant field exposure and knowledge of on-site workings and a large number of field trips and industrial visits for its students.

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